How brushed concrete should look

Transcript Welcome back to another day with MCM! We’ve got a beautiful concrete pour, just finished up the brush strokes. This concrete went down a heck of a lot easier than it did yesterday – they brought us the right mix and it went in, got all taken care of. We had this patio, completed […]

Sweet travertine Job in McKinney!

If you’re looking for a patio or pool deck that will stand up to Mother Nature’s worst, then Travertine is the material for you. Watch this video and learn how awesome it is.  Transcript Hi guys, we’re over here in McKinney, we just finished up a sweet travertine job. Look at this: sweeping curbs, beautiful […]

5 reasons why you NEED a covered patio

It’s a beautiful day and you’re outside enjoying the sunshine with your family. Suddenly, it starts to rain. You have nowhere to go but back inside or risk getting soaked in this sudden downpour. What if there was a covered patio where you could relax and enjoy the outdoors? A screened-in porch would be perfect […]

How long is my project going to take?

Typical projects take about 12 weeks to complete from start to finish!  2 weeks for design- 3-D rendering changes etc.  2 weeks for HOA approval. Yes we will help with this!  2 weeks for City permits. We are permit ninjas. Seriously we always get approved.  6 weeks for construction!

How do you choose a quality contractor?

How do you choose a quality contractor? Your contractor should have a well done website. Excellent presence on social media(across multiple platforms.) And great reviews.  He or she should be insured to at least a million dollars in active coverage. They should be easy to communicate with! Look for a contractor that keeps regular business […]

How much does a covered patio cost?

How much does a covered patio cost? A typical covered patio that’s about a 10 x 20 with Cedar ship-lap ceiling, singled to match your home, large cedar post and recessed lighting is going to run between between 15 to $20,000. What features does a quality covered patio have? Large cedar posts, L.E.D Lighting, shingled […]

How often should you water new sod?

New sod sod is a beautiful thing!  It takes just a little loving care to keep it looking beautiful and green.  Water new sod 2x per day for the first 10 days. Water the sod long enough to soak the top half inch of soil. Typically about 25-30 mins with manual set up sprinklers and […]

Brushed finish Concrete

Brushed finish concrete or standard concrete is a great for  patios, driveways and sidewalks.    Let’s discuss the pros and cons.   Pros: Its durable, cost effective and slip resistant. Cons:  It can rough on your feet. Its not as decorative as other finishes. It can trap dirt and debris.    Things to look for […]

How much does a wood fence cost?

Transcript Alright, so what does a wood fence cost? It’s gonna run you 35 bucks a foot, give or take, for pine.  Then cedar’s going to run you about 60 bucks a foot – that’s stained without any super fancy trim. This is kind of the basic rundown on how much does a cedar fence […]