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Welcome back to another day with MCM! We’ve got a beautiful concrete pour, just finished up the brush strokes. This concrete went down a heck of a lot easier than it did yesterday – they brought us the right mix and it went in, got all taken care of.

We had this patio, completed in about an hour and a half, sat around at a couple of sausage biscuits, brushed the darn thing and now we’re getting ready to remove the form so that we can get on out of here and get ready for next week’s pergola and outdoor kitchen.

As far as everything goes, though, we’ve got the standard for four and a half inch deck pour. Got rebar on center every 18 inches and beautiful slope to it as well. So the water runs away from the house.

It’s about an eighth of an inch, it might be a little more than an eighth of an inch drop over this 10 foot swash but overall, everything’s looking amazing. Can’t wait to put something on top of here. And then every one of these just gets better.

I hope you all have a wonderful time. Thanks for sticking around, checking us out. We’ll see y’all next time. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and comment.