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Pool Maintenance in Plano, TX

Increase your pool's lifespan and enjoy a clean and beautiful pool with the help of our expert maintenance services here in Plano, TX.

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Homeowners in Plano, TX seeking unparalleled pool maintenance services need look no further. Our team has been the prime choice for years, ensuring you avoid the pitfalls of improper care like algae growth and filtration issues. 

Opt for us, and enjoy crystal-clear water, ideal for relaxing swims and family gatherings.

Choosing our professional service means sidestepping the headache of murky water and the health risks associated with poor maintenance. For years, residents of Plano have trusted us to deliver pristine pool conditions. 

Work with us to ensure your pool remains the perfect retreat for your family and friends, without the hassle.

Swimming pool cleaning equipment.Service and maintenance of the pool.

Our top-tier pool maintenance services have revolutionized the industry in Plano, TX, setting a high standard for quality and reliability. Our commitment to excellence ensures your pool is always in prime condition. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Why Pool Maintenance is a Good Investment

Investing in our pool maintenance service is not just about keeping your pool clean; it’s about maximizing your investment for long-term benefits. 

Imagine hosting a last-minute family barbecue and finding your pool sparkling clean, ready for enjoyment. That’s the peace of mind our services offer. 

Here are three reasons why our service is a smart investment:

Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs by catching issues early.
A well-maintained pool enhances your home’s appeal and market value.
Proactive care keeps your pool free from harmful bacteria, ensuring a safe swimming environment for your family.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Having Pool Maintenance Done

When homeowners opt for our pool maintenance service, many seize the opportunity to make additional upgrades, enhancing their pool area’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Here’s a list of popular upgrades:

Your Newly Maintained Pool Could Look as Good as These

Your pool’s transformation could look just as stunning as the projects showcased below, serving as the perfect inspiration for your own pool maintenance project. 

Consider these before and after photos a testament to the high-quality service we consistently deliver. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

Pool Maintenance Costs In Plano, TX

Monthly pool maintenance typically ranges from $80 to $150, totaling approximately $960 to $1,800 annually. Initial pool cleaning services may cost around $150 to $350. The yearly expenses for pool ownership, including maintenance, repairs, electricity, and water, generally amount to $3,000 to $6,000.

Opening or closing a pool can cost between $300 to $500. Maintenance costs vary based on your pool’s size, type, and regular upkeep.

Real Testimonials From Your Neighbors In Plano

We’re truly thankful for the glowing reviews from our satisfied customers. Their feedback fuels our commitment to excellence. 

Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


It was a pleasure working with Chris and his crew! Chris was always quick to respond and answered any questions I had. He also took the time to research plants that would fit our lifestyle and ones that I would really love, he nailed it! I highly recommend MCM and will use them again!

Courtney Keeter


Cody and Chris with McKinley Construction Management are amazing! They have been a joy to work with though multiple home projects that happened in very short time. They are professional and take a lot of pride in their work. I knew I was in good hands right away. They are so open to the vision for my home and even added their expertise to make the results perfect!

Erika Horton

Benefits of Working With Us Here at McKinley Construction Management

At McKinley Construction Management, every team member is a seasoned professional, wholly dedicated to the craft of pool maintenance. We’re not just experts; we’re polite and respectful, treating your home with utmost care. 

This translates directly into our work quality and our interaction with you throughout the project. Here are three benefits of working with us:

When you choose us, you save money in the long run. A job well done now means avoiding continuous, costly repairs later. Our expert maintenance can extend the lifespan of your pool, reducing the need for frequent fixes.
Our skill in designing pool spaces is unmatched. We bring your vision to life with beautiful, practical designs that enhance your home’s ambiance and create an inviting space for family and friends.
With years of experience in the field, our knowledge is something you can’t replicate. This expertise ensures that your pool maintenance is performed with the highest standard, meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Simple Three-Step Process to Your Dream Pool

Choosing us for your pool maintenance means you’re looking for a hassle-free experience from start to finish. 

We’ve simplified our approach into a three-step process to ensure everything goes smoothly and you get to enjoy your pool without any stress. 

Our process includes:

owners photo



We listen to your needs and preferences to ensure our services match your expectations.
pool building site



Our team of experts gets to work, using top-quality materials and techniques to maintain your pool.
Enjoy a pool



Sit back and relax in your beautifully maintained pool with peace of mind knowing everything’s been taken care of.

Pool Maintenance In Plano, TX - FAQs

We cover everything from pool cleaning to chemical balance checks, equipment inspections, and minor repairs. Our aim is to keep your swimming pool in perfect swimming condition with proper pool maintenance and timely service. 

Our pool services include proper maintenance of the pump and filter system, ensuring your above ground pool stays crystal clear. As pool owners ourselves, we understand the importance of weekly pool maintenance and pool repairs to keep your pool safe and the water crystal clear. 

Our pool cleaning services ensure regular maintenance, including skimmer basket cleaning and water balance checks. Contact us for a free estimate and experience great service from our pool maintenance experts!

It’s best to have a professional pool service check your swimming pool at least once a week during the swimming season for optimal cleanliness and safety. Proper pool maintenance includes pool cleaning, pump and filter system checks, and timely repairs to keep your pool crystal clear. 

Make sure the pool water balance is right and the skimmer baskets are clean. Every pool owner should consider getting pool maintenance as soon as they see cloudy pool water or any kind of dirty water spots.

Yes, we can handle most minor pool repairs on the spot during our regular pool maintenance visits. For larger pool issues, we will provide you with a detailed assessment and a follow-up plan to ensure proper pool maintenance. 

Our pool services include pool cleaning, pump and filter system maintenance, and pool repairs in a timely manner. We take great pride in customer satisfaction and delivering quality work to keep your pool crystal clear year-round. Contact us for a free estimate!

Absolutely! We cater to all swimming pool types, including chlorine, saltwater, and mineral pools. Our pool services include pool cleaning, proper pool maintenance, and weekly pool maintenance to keep your pool crystal clear. 

We adjust our pool maintenance strategies to suit the specific needs of your pool, whether it’s an above ground pool or an inground pool. 

Our pool service companies focus on quality work and customer satisfaction, providing timely pool repairs and regular maintenance with a pump and filter system. 

Trust our pool cleaning services to keep your pool safe and clean, offering free estimates and great service year-round. Contact us for a pool crystal clear and maintain your pool with integrity pools in Plano, TX.

Our dedication to quality pool maintenance, our experienced team of pool service professionals, and our commitment to ensuring your swimming pool is a source of joy and relaxation set us apart. 

Plus, our efficient communication and timely pool cleaning services mean you’re never left in the dark about proper pool maintenance. 

With McKinley Construction Management, we provide service in a timely manner, giving you great service and customer satisfaction year-round. Contact us for a free estimate!

Scheduling a service for your swimming pool is simple and hassle-free. You can contact us directly or fill out the contact form on our website for a free estimate. We offer pool cleaning services, proper pool maintenance, and timely repairs for pool owners. 

We also handle pool pump and filter system repairs in a timely manner. Contact us for all your pool needs and enjoy great service year-round!

Monthly pool maintenance typically costs between $80 and $150, totaling around $960 to $1,800 annually. Initial pool cleaning service for newcomers averages $150 to $350.

Owning a pool yearly amounts to $3,000 to $6,000, covering maintenance, repairs, electricity, and water expenses. Opening or closing a pool ranges from $300 to $500. Maintenance costs vary based on your pool’s size, type, and regular upkeep.

We recommend running your swimming pool’s filtration system daily, skimming debris from the surface, and checking the water level. Following these tips can help maintain your pool’s cleanliness and ensure proper pool maintenance. 

Regular pool maintenance is vital to ensure crystal clear pool water. It’s essential to provide proper pool cleaning services and keep the pool floor clean. Remember to check the pump and filter system regularly to ensure your pool remains clean and safe.

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Cody McKinley

Increase The Lifespan of Your Swimming Pool Today

Investing in professional pool maintenance is a move many pool owners wish they had made earlier.

Our expert pool cleaning services not only save you time and money but also ensure proper pool maintenance.

Contact Savior Pool Service today at (469) 583-6213 for free estimate, and let us guide your pool project to success with simplicity and proficiency.

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