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After decades of outdoor remodeling, we’ve come to understand that having a beautiful, lush lawn is something a lot of homeowners take pride in. But here in Texas, having a green lawn all year round is tough – to say the least.

If right now your lawn is not looking as you want it to, the best solution to fix it fast is a quality sod installation that’s sure to revive your landscape. So whether you want to extend your lawn or make the existing area more green, here’s what we can do to help out.

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Advantages of Sod Installation

Experience the beauty of a lush, vibrant lawn effortlessly. With instant greenery, robust root growth, precise sod cutting, and enhanced soil quality, you can enjoy a stunning and healthy lawn without the usual hassles of traditional seeding.

Instant Greenery and Time Savings

Sod installation is the ultimate way to quickly and effortlessly transform your lawn. Unlike traditional seeding, which requires patience and weeks of waiting, laying sod instantly gives you a green lawn. Our professional team installs the sod rolls, and within just 1 to 2 weeks, you’ll have a beautiful new lawn ready for gatherings and relaxation.

Healthier Roots and Establishing a Strong Foundation

One key benefit of sod installation is the establishment of healthy grassroots. Sod is grown on specialized farms with controlled conditions, resulting in well-developed and robust roots. When we lay the sod on your prepared soil, these strong roots seamlessly grow into the native soil, providing a stable foundation for your new lawn.

Precise Sod Cutter for a Perfect Fit

Installing sod can be daunting, but our expertise ensures a flawless fit for your lawn. Our professional team uses a sod cutter to measure accurately and cut rolls to fit any garden beds or irregular areas. We take the time to lay sod with precision, treating it like a masterful brick pattern, to give every square foot of your lawn the care it deserves.

Improved Soil Quality with Soil Amendments

Installing sod involves more than just laying new grass. It’s an opportunity to improve soil quality. Before laying the sod, our experts perform a soil test to assess pH and nutrient levels. If necessary, we apply soil amendments to optimize conditions for the new grass. This guarantees a vibrant and long-lasting lawn.

Let McKinley Construction Management take care of your sod installation needs, so you can relax and revel in the joy of your stunning new lawn. Get in touch with us today, and let’s get you the lawn you dream of!

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Sod Installation Types

Curious about the magic behind our “Weed and Feed” service? Let’s break it down into four simple steps that outline how this transformative process works to give you a lawn that stands out in the neighborhood.
Grass Type Climate Characteristics Use
Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis) Cool-season grass, best suited for northern climates with cold winters and warm summers. Fine texture, dark green color, and forms a lush, dense lawn. Ideal for lawns that receive plenty of sunlight.
Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon) Warm-season grass, well-suited for hot and sunny climates. Fine to medium texture, excellent heat tolerance, and drought resistance. Commonly used in southern regions where temperatures are consistently high.
Fescue (Festuca spp.) Cool-season grass, suitable for a variety of climates, including both hot and cold regions. Fine to coarse texture, good shade tolerance, and adaptable to different soil types. Works well in lawns with a mix of sun and shade.
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Sod Installation Cost

The cost of sod installation in Texas can vary significantly, depending on several factors.

On average, homeowners in Texas can expect to pay between $0.35 to $0.75 per square foot for the sod alone. The professional installation, which involves soil preparation, laying the sod, and clean-up, can add anywhere from $1 to $2 per square foot to the total cost.

Keep in mind that these figures are general estimates, and the actual cost may vary based on your specific needs and circumstances. For a detailed, personalized quote, we recommend reaching out to our team with your lawn specifications.

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Watering and Maintenance Tips for a Thriving Sod

By adhering to these watering and maintenance guidelines, you can anticipate your fresh sod to thrive and cultivate a vibrant and welcoming landscape for your residence.

1. Watering New Sod - The Key to Establishing Strong Roots

After installing sod on your lawn, proper watering is crucial for successful establishment. Keep the sod consistently moist during the first two weeks to encourage root growth. Water your new sod daily, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon when temperatures are lower and evaporation is reduced. Pay close attention to edges and corners to ensure adequate hydration.

2. Install Sod over Old Grass - A Time-Saving Solution

If your old grass is thin, patchy, or struggling to grow, installing new sod is a time-saving and effective solution. The fresh sod forms a dense and even layer, revitalizing your lawn with lush greenery. Our professionals ensure proper preparation of the old grass before laying the sod, ensuring seamless integration and optimal results.

3. Watering Existing Grass before Sod Installation

Before installing new sod, we water the existing grass thoroughly to keep the soil moist. This step ensures better root-to-soil contact when laying the sod, allowing the roots to penetrate and anchor easily. By maintaining the right soil moisture, we set the stage for a successful sod installation.

4. Proper Watering after Sod Installation

After laying the new sod, it’s crucial to water regularly for the first few weeks. As the roots take hold and the sod establishes itself, gradually reduce watering frequency. Adopt a deep and infrequent watering schedule, letting the soil slightly dry out between sessions. This encourages deeper root growth and makes your lawn more resilient to drought.
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Sod Installation FAQs

Determining the amount of sod needed for your lawn depends on its size and shape. To calculate the required sod, measure your lawn’s dimensions in square feet (length x width). If you’re unsure how to measure, don’t worry! Our experts at McKinley Construction Management will visit your property, assess the area, and provide an accurate estimate for the amount of sod required to transform your lawn.

Proper soil testing is essential to ensure the success of your sod installation. By conducting thorough soil tests, we can accurately assess the pH levels and nutrient content of your soil. This valuable information allows us to customize soil amendments and fertilization techniques based on the specific requirements of your lawn.

Ultimately, this meticulous analysis creates an ideal environment for your new sod to flourish, resulting in a lush and vibrant lawn.

At McKinley Construction Management, we specialize in handling projects of all sizes. Whether you require sod for a cozy residential lawn or a vast commercial area, we possess the capability to provide the precise amount of sod to meet your project’s unique requirements. Our team of experts is fully equipped to handle any lawn, regardless of its size.

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