Composite Deck Installation In Plano, TX

Enjoy a solid deck that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your family's favorite memories with the help of our expert composite deck installation services here in Plano, TX.

Composite Deck Installation In Plano, TX

Homeowners in Plano, TX looking for composite deck installation services trust us as their go-to team for years. Instead of facing the frustration of a poorly constructed deck, our professional work guarantees durability and beauty, making your outdoor space the ideal spot for relaxation and entertainment.

By choosing us for your composite deck installation, you avoid the common pitfalls of DIY projects. Our expertise ensures a seamless process, resulting in a high-quality deck that stands the test of time, allowing you to enjoy memorable gatherings without worry.

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Get Your Composite Deck Installed By Experts

Our unparalleled services have revolutionized the composite deck industry in Plano, TX, setting new standards for quality and customer satisfaction. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Why Professional Composite Deck Installation is a Great Investment

Investing in our composite deck installation service not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also adds significant value to it. 

Imagine hosting vibrant family BBQs or peaceful morning coffees on your durable, low-maintenance deck — that’s the practical return on investment we deliver. Here are three main reasons our service is a wise financial decision:

Our decks are designed to last, elevating your home’s market appeal and potential selling price.
With composite materials, say goodbye to constant repainting or wood treatment costs.
Our decks are built to suit your lifestyle, whether it’s for entertaining, relaxing, or both, maximizing your usable outdoor space.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Getting a Composite Deck Installed

Most homeowners seize the opportunity to make additional upgrades alongside their composite deck installation to further enhance their outdoor living space.

Your Composite Deck Could Look as Good as These

Your deck transformation could be as stunning as the projects shown below. These photos are not just evidence of our work; they’re a great source of inspiration for your own project.

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

Composite Deck Installation Costs In Plano, TX

Composite decking installation ranges from $40 to $80 per square foot, encompassing the substructure costs. Constructing a 20’x20′ composite deck typically costs between $16,000 and $32,000. 

The prices for composite decking materials vary from $16 to $32 per square foot, with labor costs for building a composite deck averaging $24 to $48 per square foot.

Top Composite Deck Manufacturers in the Industry

Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial for a top-notch deck. We partner with industry leaders known for quality.

What Your Neighbors In Plano, TX Think About Us

We’re incredibly thankful for the glowing feedback from our customers. Their satisfaction fuels our commitment to excellence. 

Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


It was a pleasure working with Chris and his crew! Chris was always quick to respond and answered any questions I had. He also took the time to research plants that would fit our lifestyle and ones that I would really love, he nailed it! I highly recommend MCM and will use them again!

Courtney Keeter


Cody and Chris with McKinley Construction Management are amazing! They have been a joy to work with though multiple home projects that happened in very short time. They are professional and take a lot of pride in their work. I knew I was in good hands right away. They are so open to the vision for my home and even added their expertise to make the results perfect!

Erika Horton

Benefits of Working With Us Here at McKinley Construction Management

At McKinley Construction Management, our seasoned professionals are not just skilled in their craft; they bring a level of politeness and respect to your home that’s reflected in their work and interactions with you.
Working with us means your deck is built right the first time, saving you from the hassle and cost of constant repairs. It’s an investment that pays off in the long run.
Our passion is creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. Our designs are tailored to reflect your lifestyle, enhancing your home’s aesthetic and your enjoyment of the outdoors.
There’s no substitute for experience. Our team’s expertise in composite deck installation ensures your project is handled efficiently and professionally, giving you peace of mind and satisfying results.

3-Step Process For Succesful Collaborations

Choosing us means enjoying a straightforward process that takes care of everything for you. Here’s how we make it happen with almost no hassle on your part:
owners photo



Discuss your vision with us; we listen and plan accordingly.
pool building site



Our team gets to work, turning your plan into reality, efficiently and cleanly.



Step onto your new deck and enjoy the outdoor living space of your dreams.
Relaxing evening on a composite deck with furniture

Composite Deck Installation In Plano, TX - FAQs

We offer a wide selection of composite decking options to complement your home aesthetics and preferences. Our range includes various colors, finishes, and styles from leading manufacturers like Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon, Deckorators, and MoistureShield.

For your composite deck installation project, we provide everything you need, from deck boards to railing posts and hidden deck clips. 

Following local building codes and installation tips, our professional team ensures your deck is properly installed for a low-maintenance outdoor space. 

Whether it’s your first deck project or you’re looking to build a new deck, we guide you step by step through deck design, layout, and installation with the same tools and materials used by professionals. 

With hidden fasteners, hidden deck clips, and properly installed deck boards, your deck will have a clean and seamless look.

Installation times can vary based on the size and complexity of the deck design, but most decks are completed within two to three weeks from the start of construction.

Composite decking is a great choice for your deck project. It’s low maintenance, durable, and resistant to fading, staining, and rotting. When installing composite decking, be sure to follow step-by-step instructions and adhere to local building codes.

You can build a beautiful deck with composite deck boards and hidden fasteners for a cleaner look. Don’t forget to check the deck layout, install the first board properly, and use the same tools throughout the installation. 

Enjoy your new outdoor space with a professionally installed composite deck!

Yes, our installations come with warranties that cover both the craftsmanship and the materials, ensuring your peace of mind about the durability and quality of your deck.

Your wishes are our command. You can either choose from our existing composite decking designs or work with us to install composite decking and create a custom deck that perfectly suits your needs and taste. 

From deck layout to local building codes, we’ll guide you through the process step by step. Build a deck with hidden deck clips and hidden fasteners for a cleaner look, using the same tools and materials found at your local hardware store. 

Whether it’s the first deck board or the railing posts, we ensure proper installation with low maintenance in mind. Let’s create your ideal outdoor space with the same material and installation tips to finish off your new deck project beautifully.

We communicate transparently and solve problems quickly. If unexpected issues arise, we’ll discuss the situation with you and propose solutions to keep the project on track.

is simple. Regular cleaning with soap and water is enough to keep your deck looking great year after year. We’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions tailored to your decking material and deck size. 

For a cleaner look, properly installed deck boards using hidden fasteners create a low-maintenance outdoor space.

Yes, we understand that a deck is a significant investment. We offer various financing options to make your dream deck a reality without straining your budget.

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Cody McKinley

Invest In Your Family's Outdoor Memory Backdrop Today

Investing in composite decking is the smart choice you’ll wish you had made sooner. It’s durable, low maintenance, and boosts your home’s value

Adding a composite deck is not just an upgrade, it’s a life enhancer. Transform your outdoor living and create lasting memories. 

Contact (469) 583-6213 today, and McKinley Construction Management will make your vision a reality.

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