Paver Patios in Allen, TX

Fall in love with your backyard and savor unforgettable moments on your newly crafted patio in Allen, TX!

Worker installing Paver stone in Allen TX

Transform your backyard into a masterpiece with our elegant paver patio installations. Patio pavers consist of paving stones crafted from various materials that interlock seamlessly, creating a walking surface with natural gaps between each unit. With their versatile design options and durability, they complement and enhance the natural charm and ambiance of your garden and home.

McKinley Construction Management leads the way in creating customized outdoor living spaces that reflect your individual style and preferences. From serene retreats for peaceful relaxation to spacious areas perfect for entertaining, our paver patios are the perfect addition to your lush backyard.

Cody McKinley, owner of McKinley Construction Management

Hi, I’m Cody McKinley, the owner of McKinley Construction Management. I inherited my talent from my dad, and since 2015, I’ve dedicated it to providing homeowners in the area with a complete and high-quality landscape design service. My brother-in-law, Chris, and I will work with you to come up with the best plan for your outdoor living space, ensuring transparent communication, honest prices, and reliable workmanship.

Experience Unrivaled Service

With over 300 projects expertly completed, our reputation for crafting durable, stylish paver patios stands unparalleled. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous craftsmanship, premium material selection, and our portfolio’s diversity, which showcases our design expertise.

Opting for McKinley Construction Management for your paver patio project in Allen guarantees: 

Transform your outdoor area into a perfect space for fun and relaxation. Dial (469) 583-6213 today to start your journey to paver patio perfection!

Discover Our Paver Patio Mastery

Delve into our gallery to discover a wealth of inspiration for your upcoming paver patio project and experience our craftsmanship firsthand:

350+ decks built

Licensed and insured

8 years in the industry

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Clients

Our clients’ stories speak volumes about our commitment to delivering first-class results. Read their experiences down below:


Nick Eberly


They definitely have the body and soul needed to drive excellent customer service. From the second you pick up the phone and chat with one of their outstanding team members… you will breathe deep and say “Whew, I am in good hands.


Travis Zambiasi


McKinley Construction did a fantastic job with our pergola. The quality of the work was excellent, but the best part is they truly care about the customers. Cody will not stop until you are happy and is extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Paver Patio Installation Pricing in Allen, TX

The investment for a paver patio in Allen varies by the project’s dimensions, material selections, and design intricacies. Below is a rough cost estimate based on patio sizes:

Patio Size (sq. ft) Average Cost
60 $500 - $1,550
100 $900 - $2,600
150 $1,200 - $3,600
200 $1,600 - $4,800
280 $2,500 - $6,800
300 $2,500 - $7,500
400 $3,500 - $10,000
500 $4,000 - $13,000
600 $5,000 - $15,400

Factors Influencing Paver Patio Costs:

Contact us at (469) 583-6213 for a custom quote tailored to your unique paver patio project in Allen, TX.

paver patio with lights in texas by MCM Construction

Your Paver Patio Installation in Allen

We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective, timely solutions for your patio project.

Our collaboration with reputable partners like HFS Financial for loan assistance is proof of our dedication to providing the financial support you require. For detailed information on our trusted partners, explore our financing page.

Our efficient team is dedicated to timely project completion, ensuring you can enjoy your new patio as soon as possible. We understand that construction projects can be overwhelming, which is why we consistently meet deadlines to provide you with a stress-free experience.

Our Hassle-Free Installation Process

We’ve put together a three-step process that transparently outlines our approach to ensure your project’s success.


Share your ideas, and we’ll design a patio that captures your vision.


Our experts install your paver patio, ensuring precision at every step.


Delight in your newly transformed outdoor space with family and friends!

Choose McKinley Construction Management for an effortless paver patio installation experience in Allen, TX. Call us at (469) 583-6213 to elevate your outdoor living!

FAQs About Paver Patios in Allen, TX

The active construction phase for installing patio pavers typically spans 3 to 5 days, following HOA approval. Rest assured, we manage the HOA approval process for you, ensuring a smooth start to your project.

Pavers are designed to be flexible, accommodating natural movements such as soil shifts or root growth, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Properly maintained concrete pavers can last over 50 years, while natural stone pavers boast a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Paver patios provide versatile outdoor spaces, perfect for hosting gatherings or creating a tranquil relaxation zone. Their durability and flat surface accommodate furniture, dining setups, and various entertainment needs, enhancing your garden’s charm and practicality for both social and peaceful moments.

Upgrade Your Backyard with McKinley Construction Management

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