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Are Trex Pergolas Any Good In Texas?

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You’ve heard of Trex before, and you know they make one of the best composite decking in the market.

Naturally, you’d think Trex pergolas are just as good.

But are they?

Let’s see whether or not Trex pergolas are better than the popular cedar, pressure-treated wood, and metal pergolas here in Texas.

Sunny Outdoor Deck with trex Pergolas and Hot Tub, Suburban Retreat View

What Are Trex Pergolas Made Of?

This is a very important consideration, as materials will impact the longevity and durability of your pergola. We know wood pergolas require extensive maintenance and aluminum is more expensive, but let’s see how Trex pergolas fare.

Structure Materials

While Trex composite decking is made of 95% recycled materials (sawdust and recycled plastic), Trex pergolas are made of 2 of the best pergola materials combined.

With Trex pergolas, cellular PVC is wrapped around a structural aluminum core.

The PVC gives it a beautiful look that mimics the natural wood grain, while the aluminum core gives it the structural sturdiness you’d want for your outdoor space.

You can also get fiberglass columns to complement a wide variety of architectural styles.

Pergola columns are available in six standard styles, with custom column sizes and styles available. All columns can be cut down during installation to adjust the finished height of the pergola.

Finishing Process

All Trex fiberglass pergola components come with the brand’s signature finishing process – the ColorLast.

These surfaces resist scratches and chips and offer great protection against extreme temperatures, perfect for Texas’s climate.

Trex ShadeTree Canopy

The ShadeTree canopy from Trex provides cover from the hot and dry Texas sun. It’s a retractable fabric canopy system, fairly low maintenance, and easy to install.

While some think that the canopy ruins the looks of the pergola, this is not about improving looks but giving you some shade when spending time outdoors.

Cost Of Trex Pergolas

The lowest Trex pergola kit starts from $8,000 for the Trex Pergola Air.

Keep in mind the Trex Pergola Air is one of the smallest pergola structures out there, and bigger structures will cost more.

If you add the extra lighting features, the cost of an upscale Trex Pergola can be as high as over $20,000.

Considering a custom cedar pergola approaches a very similar price point, Trex Pergolas might begin to sound like a worthwhile investment, especially because they require no maintenance.

Sunny Outdoor Deck with trex Pergola

Trex Pergola Benefits For Texas Climate

Like Trex composite decking, the Trex Pergola has several benefits for the dry and hot weather here in Texas. Here’s what makes it a better choice for many of our clients:
Because the structure of Trex Pergola Kits are either aluminum wrapped in PVC, full aluminum, or fiberglass, these structures require very little maintenance, if any. Compared to cedar or pressure-treated wood, which needs to be stained and sealed every 1 to 2 years, these pergolas will be stress-free.
The dry and hot weather conditions in Texas will dramatically hurt wood structures, but not a Trex Pergola. While a cedar pergola will start cracking and fading, a Trex Pergola will stand the test of time and hold strong even against all odds. These are truly remarkable structures that will make your outdoor life easier.
If anything, Trex Pergolas are extremely beautiful. Whether you’re getting aluminum wrapped in PVC, aluminum, or fiberglass, these structures look upscale and give your outdoor space a brilliant, modern vibe.

Trex Pergola Kits

There are 8 Trex Pergola kits (or styles). All of them are meant to give a different vibe to your backyard, so you’ll have to look into them and see which one fits your personal preferences better.

Custom Trex Pergola

Although there are 8 Trex Pergola kits available, it’s possible that none of them matches your needs.

If so, the best way to ensure you’ll fall in love with your outdoor space is to get a custom Trex Pergola. This allows you to add whatever shade structure you want, regardless of size, architecture, materials, and features.

Of course, a Trex Pergola will cost you a lot more than their prefabricated pergola kits, but you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood when everyone sees it.


So, are Trex Pergolas any good?

Yes, they are.

Like their decking line, their pergolas are built with high-quality materials, look good, are low-maintenance, and give off a high-end look to anyone’s property.

Sure, they are a bit more expensive than your average pressure-treated wood or cedar pergola, but for a good reason! And it won’t matter because you’ll recoup the cost difference in the first few years simply because you won’t need to seal and stain the Trex Pergola.

If you need help choosing the best pergola for your property in Plano, TX, contact us at (469) 583-6213! Our team at McKinley Construction Management has dozens of pergolas, and no one around here does it better than we do!