Brushed finish Concrete

250+ Outdoor Living Spaces

65+ Outdoor Kitchens

35+ Landscape Projects

30+ Pools

Brushed finish concrete or standard concrete is a great for  patios, driveways and sidewalks. 


Let’s discuss the pros and cons.



Its durable, cost effective and slip resistant.


It can rough on your feet. Its not as decorative as other finishes. It can trap dirt and debris. 


Things to look for in a concrete slab. Minimum of “4 inch” thickness. 3000 PSI strength minimum. Rebar placed “18 inches on center” 


What should I think about when selecting a concrete or patio contractor.

Are they insured? For how much? 

Well reviewed on multiple platforms? 

Do  you trust the contractor?

What does an average  concrete patio cost?

200 sqft or less. Starting at $3600

200-300sqft Starting at  $4500

400 sqft starting at $5500