Montreaux outdoor living space – completed pergola, patio extension, and outdoor stone kitchen

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Welcome back to a lovely day with McKinley Construction Management. We are wrapping it up over here at the Montreux place. We’ve got a brand new outdoor kitchen on top of a brand new extended patio with a beautiful pergola extended above it.

The city made us cut a little hole in there so that it was within code and compliance with everything else but other than that, I think it looks amazing.

It has come together really nice, the spacing between everything can be beautifully seen in the shadow you can see here on the floor.

It’s got an awesome refrigerator and out here as well, keep things nice and cool while you’re out here grilling on a brand new, massive grill. This thing is gorgeous. Open it on up. Check it out. For massive burners, sear plate and even add a rotisserie if you want to.

Beautiful nicotine stone , Austin white, white mortar joints, Austin white countertops, cedar pergola, dark walnut.