How much does a wood fence cost?

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Alright, so what does a wood fence cost? It’s gonna run you 35 bucks a foot, give or take, for pine.  Then cedar’s going to run you about 60 bucks a foot – that’s stained without any super fancy trim. This is kind of the basic rundown on how much does a cedar fence costs. 

I’m curious what you guys think whether or not you like to have it stained, unstained, do you prefer cedar or pine? I kind of prefer pine lots of times. It gives you a nice look, a little bit cheaper on the wallet, and goes a little bit better with the trim and the add ons, and makes a little fancier fence without going with the cedar route.

Because durability to me is about the same, you know, so. kind of roll the dice one way or the other. No pun intended.